Wooden Soap Dish

There is nothing better to put your handmade organic soap in than a beautiful wooden soap dish. If you are interested in using wood for your own craft projects you should know what kind of wood supplies you need for simple projects such as building a bird house or creating your own wooden shelf. For such simple projects, you can save a considerable amount of money crafting the projects yourself, tools included. However, you may also want to ask neighbors and friends if they have wood crafting tools you can borrow, as well as check and see if there are any community organizations in your area that may lend out such supplies or allow you to rent them for a small fee. Here are some items you need to most small craft projects: Sandpaper. Nearly every project involving wood is going to need sandpaper to help get rid of cut or splinter wood ends and to help smooth wood surfaces. You should know that when you purchase sandpaper there will be many different grit levels to select from, and you should aim to purchase a nice assortment of sizes for your different projects.

The next items you need to purchase for your wood project are wood nails and screws. You should make sure that the nails and screws you purchase for each project are long enough to be able to attach the wood pieces for that project together. Also you should get some quality wood glue. One of the best uses of wood glue for such craft projects is applying it to joints before using the screws and nails. This will ensure a long lasting and strong bond, and make sure your projects stay together for years to come. Once you have applied the wood glue and hammered or screwed in the nails and screw, be sure that you wipe away any excess glue that will have squeezed out from the joints during the process. The next items you will need for you wood projects are paint and stain. What you will get will largely depend on the project you are pursuing, but small bottles of both of these can usually be purchased at both craft and hardware stores. A can of clear spray sealer will also come in handy and it will create a wonderful finish on many items, such a birdhouses, once they have been completed.

What kind of other tools do you need for wood projects? Well, a jig saw is one of the most popular items. It is quite versatile, and can be used for everything from cutting dowels to size or sawing a wide variety of shapes for wood projects. Also, a power drill and a wide variety of bits is a necessity for most wood working projects. You can use the power drill to drill pilot holes into wood before putting the screws in. This will help eliminate any possibility of the wood splitting when inserting the screws. You will need to switch bits when moving between the different processes. Also, a miter saw is a great tool, although probably not as necessary as the above two tools for most projects. Still, a miter saw will help you create very straight cuts on narrow boards as well as mitering angles with precision. Wood clamps are really invaluable as well. They are like having a third hand, and will be very handy for holding wood in place at different stages of your project. Many people like electric sanders as well, although sandpaper will usually do the trick by hand if funds are short.

Finally, make sure you have a reliable and trusty measuring tape – this is a very important element of your wood working tool box. Oh, and goggles as well for eye protection during any part of the project that involves mechanical tools in particular. Make sure you are able to see well out of the goggles, however, since if you can not they are basically worthless. Woodworking is a fun and useful hobby that almost everyone can master, and make beautiful objects with such as the wooden soap dish illustrated above

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